The Yamaha VMAX Buyers-Owners pack

As you all know, I have ordered the VMAX. As soon as it became available for order online I went onto the site and placed my order. Several grueling weeks went by during which, I simply assumed I had not ordered in time as I heard nothing then….

I got this box set through the post

When you order, the site requests what you would like written on your plaque which can then be mounted on your VMAX. I decided on 200 HP for mine, as characters are limited to 10 and I could not honestly think of anything else…. The box set is sent from the UK (at least in my case) despite the fact that I am in Spain. Also included in the box theres the book shown on the photos here, which has the printed text starting each paragraph with your name on it! Talk about personalized. There´s also a DVD which includes the same video as offered at launch and shown on the site under Launch video.







Two weeks later yet another parcel.. but this times the hardbound book below.


It’s pretty awesome that the initial orders are only possible online (in cronological order I guess?) and shows just how exclusive Yamaha considers the VMAX to be.

I must agree, but I guess I would…

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