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yamaha vmax

yamaha vmax


So what about the 2012 Yamaha VMAX is a big on power bike with 1,679cc’s and 198.5 horsepower. It is the biggest, maddest thing Yamaha makes! At yamahavmax.es we have the 2012 model. It is in a matte black finish and is absolutely beautiful. It is the best looking bike we have on the showroom floor!





Yamaha VMAX Horsepower

Our designers took a big serving of the unique «Mad Max» DNA then added a lot of Yamaha’s newest sport bike technological innovation like our processor managed diverse intake lots, a modern day petrol shot system and our famous fly by cable reduce.




The outcome is the next generation VMAX. The famous sound, website personality and amazing speed are all part of the newest design but there is a perspective. The VMAX offers truly fantastic managing, thanks to its light and portable alloy framework and fully adaptable revocation. Scorched any road lately?
The Yamaha VMAX is in a class by itself. None of the competition has entered this category yet. This cycle has a 1,679cc, 65-degree, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected four-valves-per-cylinder, DOHC engine. This engine pumps out 197.5 pure, pavement wrinkling, curve straightening, space shuttle boosting, Earth twisting, honest to gosh, HORSEPOWER!

Yamaha owns the big muscle bike class. Nobody is putting out a 197.5 horse in a motor cycle that will compete with it. The 2012 Yamaha VMAX is in a class all by itself!



The Yamaha VMAX looks great, sounds great, and performs great!

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