Review to buying a Yamaha VMAX?


The current VMAX Yamaha is the logical and surprising evolutionary result of a motorcycle created to break the mold. The unique features of this iconic beast are properly combined with advanced sport bike technology, that surprises most onlookers.

  The visual presence and power of a VMax is only surpassed by motorcycles customized for competition. Wherever you ride leaves a mark and not only on the tarmac but in the hearts of onlookers. In 1985, the original VMax turned the motorcycle world upside down. It was born a creature capable of revolutionizing the concept of motorcycles, looking almost evil in its stance.   Yamaha engineers took a big dose of inspiration from the spectacular film «Mad Max.» The DNA of George Mille (director of the apocalyptic movie), was evident in that controversial motorcycle. Probably, those little Japanese engineers could imagine that a the motorcycle would turn into a real myth.


The 21st century VMax incorporates a lot of technology, which makes it a luxury sport-bike. Its legendary sound and motor remain intact even in today’s green world of cataylzers and emissions taxes. The VMAX remains lots of its past character, incredible acceleration, road presence and true visual appeal.
The «muscle bike» market is a few chosen models. Most can be counted on one hand including the Ducati Diavel but this particular new 2013 model Yamaha VMAX motorcycle is powerful and striking. These motorcycles are popular and the Yamaha VMAX continues to win hearts and minds.

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