VMAX + Scantily clad models – 2012 Warsaw Bike show

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube

At YamahaVMAX.es we always aim to please plus, we take you to places that other blogs can´t reach. This time we´re taking you to freezing Warsaw and, more precisely, the Warsaw 2009 Bike show, there´s very little footage of the VMAX and sadly, instead of some fantastic Model chick sat on it there´s a sweater wearing goon.

Nevertheless, for those valiant enough to support the funeral music they’ve used on the video, it would appear that Yamaha Poland´s marking guy had some fun recruiting the bevy of models sprawled across the bikes. I wonder if I could offer Yamaha my recruitment skills in 2010?? This would certainly be one of the bike shows where you would not be overly persuasive to get the wife to come. Anyone fancy going next year??



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