Yamaha VMAX 2009 outside Bike Cover

Hmmmm…this is an odd one. Obviously in the US they have less low life than us in Europe (err but Cops is good…) because the last thing you do over here is advertise the bike that´s under the cover… You just pray that the criminal element be too lazy to look under it. Right?

Anyway if you live in a village in the alps with just 20 inhabitants, here´s the official cover …


VMAX Motorcycle Cover
This unique and versatile cover accommodates a fully accessorized VMAX while maintaining a custom-fit look. The top half uses premium Evolution® 4 fabric that is breathable, water-repellent, and UV-resistant. The bottom half is constructed of duck canvas for heat protection against exhaust pipes. Both materials provide excellent outdoor protection. (Not recommended for trailering.)
Fits ’09 VMAX models



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