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UK´s Superbike Magazine Article on the VMAX – San Diego

The Yamaha V-Max is back, and it’s madder than ever. Riding it in San Diego Yamaha’s taken a long time to prepare the follow-up model to its crazy 1985 V-Max power cruiser. But nearly a quarter of a century on from the original, the new V-Max seems to be a worthy successor. We spent yesterday […]

Financial Post on the release of the VMAX

New year, new sweet bikes Motorcycle Preview for 2009 David Booth, National Post  Published: Friday, December 12, 2008 The big Yamaha news, though, is the return of the V-Max. Newly rejuvenated thanks to a 1,679-cc V-four engine, everything about the new V-Max is huge from its bulbous exhaust system to the crazy 200/55-18 rear tire. The […]

Yamaha VMAX US Launch – Star V-Max: The Beast is Reborn

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s alive! Yes, the fire-breathing monster that made drag strips cringe some two decades ago has been reborn. That’s because for 2009 Star Motorcycles (Yamaha’s sister cruiser company) has come out with a revolutionary new V-Max.The new machine was launched on the bow of the historic USS Midway located in the harbor […]

Informative VMAX article from the UK´s Telegraph Newspaper

Kevin Ash delivers his verdict on a Japanese superbike with a distinguished heritage and a hefty price tag     By Kevin Ash 05 Sep 2008 It has taken Yamaha 24 years, but there is finally a new VMAX. And the wait was no surprise, because the old V-Max – more respectable, with its lower […]

Vmax epic release in Canada

If you’re a baseball fan, you may remember the Bash Brothers – Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco – who played for the Oakland A’s in the late 1980s. In their prime, these two routinely belted 40 home runs per season out of the park, and helped propel the A’s to a World Series title in […]

Yamaha Vmax first news from Australia 2008

The original V-MAX V4-powered, shaft-driven roadster achieved cult status when it was launched in 1985. For some years it has not been available in Australia and overseas it had only one minor upgrade in 1993 with a larger set of forks and four-piston brake calipers. Now it has received a major update and returns to […]

VMAX Breaks Cover in the U.K! – 2008

Yamaha are extremely excited to announce that their ultimate new flagship model will finally be on display to the public at the forthcoming Ace Café, Brighton Burn-up. On Sunday 14th September, as well as being able to see a select Yamaha’s current motorcycle model line up displayed on their Thundertruck, enthusiasts attending the event held […]