New Yamaha Vmax from Tokyo Motor Show – Protoype

New Yamaha Vmax from Tokyo Motor Show

by Paul Crowe – «The Kneeslider» on October 20, 2005
The advance ticket holders are already spewing out loads of photos from the Tokyo
Motor Show, we hope to have some of our own shortly, but in the meantime, you might like to see these, a design study of a new (hold your breath!) Yamaha VMax! (Or is that a Star Vmax? yuk!) This was noted briefly on the Yamaha website but here are the photos.

This is not the final design, Yamaha is still looking for feedback. This concept is a sculpture primarily made of plastic so how much of this is just pure speculation from their design team and how much is close to final form, who knows?

What can we see? Still shaft drive, conventional forks, scoops look like they could be functional, real world rear tire size 200/50R18. The design is very evolutionary, not revolutionary. It looks like a modern Vmax but still very obviously a Vmax. No details on the Nihon Car and Bike web site about engine specs Take a look and see what you think.

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