VMAX gets released last of all from where it came

TOKYO, Mar 10, 2009 Yamaha Motor Co. said Tuesday it will launch its all-new VMAX motorcycle in Japan on April 20, reintroducing its flagship motorcycle in the country for the first time in a decade.

With a dynamic exterior and aluminum frame, the new VMAX featuring a 1.7-liter, four-stroke double overhead camshaft engine that provides excellent acceleration will sell for 2.31 million yen.

The company has set an annual sales target of 800 units in Japan.

Yamaha first introduced the VMAX motorcycle for the U.S. market in 1985 and put the all-new VMAX on sale in the European and North American markets in June 2008. The old VMAX sold in Japan in the 1990s.

Yamaha is targeting the luxury model at middle-aged motorcyclists in the hope of reinvigorating the Japanese motorcycle market, which has been suffering from declining sales.

«We hope the new VMAX can help to revive Japan’s cloudy motorcycle market,» said Yamaha Operating Officer Hajime Yamaji, adding, «Some middle-aged motorcyclists would like to ride luxury vehicles as a hobby.»

Ouch «A hobby….???»

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