Yamaha Vmax – Total Motorcycle post 2006




June 22, 2006 –

Yamaha launches Next V-Max evaluation site and states:

Twenty-one years ago, Yamaha created the VMAX: a motorcycle so groundbreaking and advanced that is still stands alone over two decades after its debut. Raw, pure and shockingly powerful, the VMAX is the 2-wheel equivalent of the classic muscle carV-MaxBrakes with Velocity Maximum as its inspiration.

Now, Yamaha is giving you the chance to help shape the future of the legendary VMAX, which promises to be as definitive and groundbreaking as the original. We want this motorcycling icon to be designed for the next generation of VMAX rider, so for the first time in our history we are showing a early concept model and asking for your evaluations. So sign up, and do your part in helping to create another motorcycling legend.


Quick Facts about the V-Max:

• The Current V-Max has been in production since 1985

• In 2005 Yamaha introduced the 20th Anniversary Special Limited Edition V-Max

• The Yamaha has undergone very little change since it was introduced

• The new Yamaha Next V-Max is expected to have between 140-210 horsepower*.

• The new Yamaha Next V-Max may have traction control and/or Anti-lock (ABS) and/or Combined (linked) brake system*.

• The new Yamaha Next V-Max price could fall between $13,499 – $17,500+…

(word from the editor n i2009. Seems they weren’t far off in 2006 on the pricing eh…)

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