During the late 90’s Yamaha’s VMAX project team started to work on the rebirth of a legend.


The fact that the styling on the original VMAX remained largely unchanged for 24 years is a tribute to the immense strength and unique character of its original design. Creating a worthy successor to this iconic motorcycle posed many challenges for Yamaha’s team of designers, and the new VMAX utilizes the latest designs and materials to create a truly modern work of art that is clearly the 21st century manifestation of the old master.While the original VMAX embodied the spirit of the drag strip – combined with a brutal bodybuilder-style image – the new model has been designed to radiate a feeling of massive internal strength which hints at the awesome power just waiting to be unleashed at any time.Key to this imagery are the four massive air intakes, the muscular V4 engine, and the four short upswept mufflers, which serve to underline the intimidating beauty of this single-minded high-performance motorcycle.


We hope you’ll agree that this machine captures the true spirit of the original VMAX, while at the same time projecting a high-tech, 21st century image and creating its own new look.
As well as featuring an all-new engine, the new VMAX is equipped with a completely new advanced-specification aluminium frame. This high-tech design has been built to deliver high levels of handling performance, allowing you to optimize the huge potential of the remarkably powerful 1,679cc V4 engine.
The VMAX’s new diamond-type frame has been developed using Yamaha’s industry-leading chassis design and manufacturing technology, and features an immensely strong yet lightweight structure that is made up from a variety of gravity-cast, CF die-cast and extruded aluminum sections. This innovative new design incorporates gravity-cast components for the main frame and pivot assembly, while the rear frame is made from a range of Yamaha’s exclusive CF die-cast parts and extruded parts which are welded together.
This combination of these different types of aluminum, each with a different rigidity level, is one of the major factors in achieving the desired balance of rigidity. To fine-tune this balance even further for excellent handling and accurate rider feedback, the wall thickness on the main frame varies from between 3mm through to 6mm.
An imaginary straight line drawn between the swing arm pivot and head pipe runs right through the centre of the V-bank, and this layout makes for neutral handling characteristics. And by incorporating the V4 engine as a stressed member – using cast-iron mounts at the front, the centre of the V bank, and at the top and bottom of the crankcase – the overall chassis rigidity balance is further enhanced.
There’s no doubt that the original VMAX established a reputation with its owners as one of the most awesome straight line performers, and this aspect of the machine’s character has been taken to an even higher level with the new chassis! With an extended wheelbase of 1,700mm the new model’s advanced aluminum chassis is built to handle the massive power and torque output that can be released when you twist the throttle. Significantly, the new bike’s 662.5mm swingarm allows you to lay down the 1,679cc V4 engine’s power more effectively then ever.The new VMAX stays true to the philosophy of the genuine hot-rod. Imagine yourself gripping the drag bars and feeling the mega-wide 200/50 R18 rear tyre transfer all the V4’s incredible 200 PS and 166.8 Nm of throbbing torque to the ground – it’s got to the ultimate adrenaline ride. We are proud to say the VMAX is back!
Powering the new VMAX is all-new 1,679cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 65 degree V4 engine* whose imposing in-your-face design offers you an unforgettable acceleration experience created by awesome levels of power.
Running with bore x stroke dimensions of 90 x 66mm and featuring a compression ratio of 11.3:1, this visually intimidating new power plant develops 200 PS at 9,000 rpm, together with a huge torque output of 166.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm.
The completely new VMAX engine benefits from the application of some of the most advanced Yamaha engine management technology ever seen in the category.Yamaha’s G.E.N.I.C.H.* technology is an advanced engineering concept which involves the application of cutting-edge electronic control technology in order to deliver increased performance and an enhanced riding experience.
The new VMAX benefits from this advanced Yamaha G.E.N.I.C.H technology with features such as YCC-I (Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake) and YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) which are key factors in achieving the new engine’s high levels of power.

This new high-tech engine is the first Yamaha V4 to be equipped with a sophisticated new fuel injection system, which, together with the YCC-I and YCC-T, ensures that the powerful 65-degree V4 engine is fully equipped to deliver previously unimaginable levels of standing-start and roll-on acceleration. You’ll have to experience it to believe it, but we can assure you that you’re going to be impressed!

But this remarkable new 1,679cc V4 engine offers a whole lot more than awe-inspiring acceleration feeling, and advanced chip-controlled technology. It not only delivers outstanding straight-line performance, but it also ensures instant pick-up at all engine speeds, and offers remarkable performance right across the rpm range, making the new VMAX a top performer on both the strip and the open road.

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